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Seek Legal Help to Immigrate to Canada

Whether you are facing a specific immigration question or are just struggling to figure out your pathway to Canada, we are here to help. We work hard to support our clients no matter the situation at hand and we understand that immigration is stressful and overwhelming. We are a small firm and you will get our lawyers' full attention, care and respect. Why risk the repercussions of doing it incorrectly when our dedicated team offers legal experience and guidance for reasonable rates. 


Immigration to Canada


People come to Canada as visitors, students, highly skilled workers, family members reuniting with loved ones, or people fleeing violence or persecution. We can assist you and your family with sponsorship of a spouse, common law partner, children, parents and grandparents. If you are a skilled worker, we can help you with your Express Entry profile and your application as a skilled worker. If you are interested in studying in Canada or if you are studying here now and seeking legal help on your pathway to staying in Canada as a permanent resident, we can help. Often, the most help you need is at the beginning to establish the proper path for you!

There are many ways to come to Canada - either temporarily (visitor, worker or student), or permanently (sponsorship, economic, nomination). We can help you navigate the process from start to finish, ensure you have all of the supporting documents you will need, and to ensure you put your best foot forward when applying to Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada. 





If you have been a permanent resident for long enough, you might be ready to apply for Canadian citizenship. We can help you with your application for Citizenship and walk you through the process. 

If you think you might be a Canadian citizen because one of your parents or grandparents was a citizen at the time you were born, we can help you determine whether you have acquired citizenship by birth or not. The legislation can be complicated and often a consultation is all you need to determine whether you should apply for proof or not. We are able to help parents apply for proof of citizenship for their children born outside of Canada if eligible. If you are seeking legal help about Canadian citizenship, please book a consultation today.


Review of Application

Have you completed your Express Entry profile, or your entire Permanent Residency Application and would like to have a second set of eyes to review for completeness? We offer review services that will let you know if you have a complete package or are missing something. These services are cost-effective and you are in charge!


Canada Immigration: Facts and Figures



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