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Seek Legal Help to Immigrate to Canada


Whether you are already living in Canada, or are wanting to come to Canada, we recognize that applying to immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC formally known as CIC) can be complicated, overwhelming, and stressful.

We can do all the work for you or help and assist you navigate through the applications for your work permit, family sponsorship, visa, or permanent residency.

We work hard to support our clients, no matter what their situation. At Lebeau Law you will get a dedicated lawyer who will give you their full attention, care, and respect.

By getting your application correct the first time you can save time, money and unnecessary stress. Our reasonable rates are a small investment towards your big future.


Permanent Residency

If you made Canada your home through a work or student permit or if you have a Canadian partner, Permanent Residency will allow you to live and work in Canada indefinitely. There are multiple pathways to achieving Permanent Residency and we can guide you through the process to ensure the your application is not delayed, returned or costing you unnecessarily.

Find out if you are eligible by booking a consultation and we can discuss the different options.




If you have been a permanent resident for long enough, you might be ready to apply for Canadian citizenship. We can help you with your application for Citizenship and walk you through the process. 

If you think you might be a Canadian citizen because one of your parents or grandparents was a citizen at the time you were born, we can help you determine whether you have acquired citizenship by birth or not. The legislation can be complicated and often a consultation is all you need.


Review of Application

Have you completed your Express Entry profile, or your entire Permanent Residency Application and would like to have a second set of eyes to review for completeness? We offer review services that will let you know if you have a complete package or are missing something. These services are cost-effective and you are in charge!




‘Starting out in the immigration process all you have is what you read online. You have a choice of either going on this endeavour on your own or finding a lawyer. Now a lot of this paperwork is very confusing so we ended up keeping a eye out for a lawyer but not just any like we tried before. We wanted someone we knew we felt like we could trust. A partner in this process. Low and behold that’s what we found when we stopped by this law office in Coquitlam!

Choosing to go to LeBeau Law was the best choice I could of made on this long journey of immigrating from The U.S to Canada. Not only did they make the process of immigrating easy to understand but they also were very knowledgeable about what could go wrong in the process and know how to fix it.

Adrienne was a huge part in this process. She kept us updated constantly on what was going on, what needed to be done and not only that but talked to us as if we were all apart of this together. I’ve dealt with an other lawyer before and I can say Adrienne is beyond anything I expected. She showed that she cared for this process and did everything she could to make this journey as easy and stress free as possible.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ADRIENNE AND MICHAEL! Because of them I’m a proud permanent resident of Canada!! This process wouldn’t have been so easy without them.’ Google Review from Kevin Cruz

“Immigration can be a very stressful and difficult process, with lots of paperwork and costs. They made every step of the process as easy as it could possibly be. I was always able to reach them when I needed them, they replied to all of my email very promptly. I would 100% recommend their services. My lawyers was Adrienne and she made the whole process so easy and comfortable. If you need an immigration lawyer (if you are moving to Canada you will) then this is without a doubt doubt the firm for you.” Google Review from J. Partridge

“We are so grateful for LeBeau Law’s professional competency and efficiency in handling our immigration case. Their experience proved so critical for us in moving forward quickly in the process. We are glad we hired them to help us. They were fantastic.” — Google Review from R. & A. De Lange

“Adrienne is by far the most helpful person we came to when applying for the sponsorship Visa process. She gave very clear instructions and followed up with us along the way. I would recommend her to anyone who is going through immigration paperwork!” — Google Review by A Lakhami


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